My Story

My name is Nick Carter. Ive been working in advertising for over 5 years for 2 agencies in Boston, Hill Holliday and Mullen (currently.) I consider myself to be a digital artist that can do creative retouching, design, layout, art direction or anything else that might be necessary for the job. Im a go-getter that wants to be make every project I work on the best that it can be. Im a creative person who works mainly in photoshop. I take ideas and bring them to life. Im also a problem solver, I will not let something go unless the problem is solved and everyone involved is satisfied with the result. I have the technical skills and knowledge that I use to my advantage when doing any project, I take them into consideration and make anything ready for any media it may need to be used in.

If I could describe myself in one sentence it would sound like this:

"I am a technically sound, creative professional who is prepared to solve an problem that may arise to the satisfaction of all individuals involved."